The Challenge

An inevitable consequence of 21st Century life is that senior individuals are looking to extend their careers in flexible, stimulating, and challenging ways.

Planning ahead for this future is critical. A successful track record does not necessarily provide the tools and skills to make a seamless transition to the next career phase.

Organisations are naturally focused on client service and profit generation, but this need not be incompatible with the needs and aspirations of their senior individuals. There is significant ‘bottom line’ as well as more intangible value in getting the process right.

How we do it

Our tailored programmes and support address the practical issues and philosophical challenges of career transition for both the organisation and the individual.

Agreeing specific objectives, at organisational level and for each individual we work with, creates the right environment for open and positive career transitions.

Each programme is delivered by two or more consultants, supported at various stages by a team of highly skilled associates. We focus on results, whether they are specific practical outcomes or shifts in thinking and mindset.

The individual has the benefit of access to the unique and extensive Milestones Network both during and after completion of the programme.

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