Fostering respect and care for its most senior people is very much at the heart of this firm’s culture.

A recent partner appraisal revealed that for one senior partner a combination of exceptionally long hours, rarely taken holidays, and a highly demanding project outside the firm, was taking its toll.

The firm wanted to support the client to rebalance his professional and his home life, to allow him to perform at his best during the final phase of his career with them.

Although at first sceptical, the partner was open to see what the outcomes would be. Through a programme of one to one sessions, during which we focused on a series of steps to redress the current imbalance, the partner has been able to adjust his habits and his behaviours accordingly.

At the same time,  the firm, knowing that these steps have been thought through and discussed as part of the programme, has supported the partner to help him adjust and make informed decisions about how best to achieve a better work life balance, both now and in the future.

“The programme has helped me to become more self aware and this awareness extends to my relationship with my wife and my wider family.”

Senior partner

 “This has been a very comprehensive programme and has covered areas that we were not expecting, such as nutrition, sleep patterns, mindfulness, and giving the partner access to experts in these areas demonstrates the bespoke nature of what you do.”

Head of HR

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