A well-known US law firm in London asked us to work with one of their associates, to help them both achieve a better work life balance and build their personal resilience.  In particular, the firm wanted to make sure that the individual, who had been signed off for anxiety and exhaustion, felt fully supported.

After we had agreed both the firm’s and the individual’s objectives with them, we designed a bespoke coaching programme to help the individual address their feelings of being lost and overwhelmed.

Our focus was on three key objectives: “Who am I?” “What do I want?” and “Where am I going”.

Rather than hear it from us, this is what our client said:-

What is so helpful about the Milestones programme is that it is geared towards helping you make positive long term changes in your career and life. It is all about looking forward; not back; thinking about what isn’t working, why it isn’t working, and finding ways to fix it or to remove the things that aren’t working from your life – to live a better, more fulfilling, successful and happier life.

As such it is ideal for those in a state of transition or those who want or know they need to make some kind of huge change – at work or in life generally (and who need some guidance, support, or don’t know where to start).It wasn’t just about making a career change but far wider. So it was also about how to make those changes in your life that accord better with who you are, your values, principles and beliefs (and helping you get really clear on what those are, if you don’t know or you aren’t sure); about changing or improving your mindset (increasing resilience, confidence, optimism, setting boundaries – whatever you need) to better deal with the challenges you are currently facing; and about fostering the right kind of behaviour and belief systems to make you are even more successful and happy going forward.

Finally, I felt Milestones really understood the challenges I faced as a woman in a corporate environment, taking the necessary time to get to know me and understand the people I was working with. As a result, Milestones was able to give me such valuable and situation specific insights.

Our client successfully returned to the work place, but subsequently decided that building a new career outside the law, in which they could use their creative skills, would allow them to create the lifestyle and happiness they were looking for.

What the programme gave the client was the opportunity to work this through on their terms, at their pace, and with the support of the firm – both parties respecting the other and recognising that this was a good outcome for each of them.