This global law firm is keen to focus in good time on the ways in which it may support senior partners to prepare for their eventual transition out of the equity.

From past experience the firm is also aware that there is a risk that any programme is seen simply as a signal for exit, so it is essential to position it correctly.

With this partner, our programme addressed both the philosophical and practical aspects of transition, helping him build greater self awareness and confidence, and introducing him to opportunities and appropriate connections.

Importantly for the firm, the partner was not distracted by the programme. Instead, with confidence in the future, he has continued to perform at the highest level, whilst also securing two senior third sector roles outside the firm.

“Some of my colleagues are drifting along, some are secretly anxious about the future. I now have more clarity. I have more confidence that I can be useful to a non-legal organisation.

I may not be more certain about the future, but I am certainly more confident.

Senior partner

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