The firm engaged Milestones to ensure that the firm’s and the partner’s objectives remained aligned in the run up to a quite high profile departure, and that there was clear communication between them. In particular, they wanted to ensure that they were getting the best out of the partner for the remainder of his time with the firm, managing his key relationships internally and externally.

For his part, the individual was keen to reflect on the opportunities he had identified outside the profession after a 40 year legal career and to explore some specific initiatives. In both cases before any transition.

The programme allowed the partner to take time out to consider his wider motivations and interests. With detailed psychometric testing, home assignments, qualitative 360 feedback, and a half day workshop, he was able to explore his motivations and values. This exploration was underpinned by a series of one-to-one coaching sessions.

Our work with the client allowed him to assess and prioritise the various opportunities he had already found, and determine which were the most suitable and appealing.

At the same time, this new clarity enabled a smoother working relationship within the firm.

“Some firms may see this as an obligation to help the individual but there is real commercial value in getting this right.

Lawyers tend to be very bad at letting go of professional relationships and any mechanism for handling this better can only be useful.

The programme has helped me better understand the firm and my relationship to it. I am definitely happier and more productive as a result.”

Senior partner

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