The firm, an international accountancy practice, wanted to demonstrate the positive benefits of active career management to its wider partner population. It chose to do this by piloting the Milestones programme with one their most successful and best performing partners.

For the partner, this was an opportunity to better understand his strengths and transferable skills in the world beyond the firm, and to plan for his longer term future whilst still in post.

Beginning with psychometric profiling and a progressive series of one to one sessions, the first part of the programme allowed the partner to explore his motivations. This led on to a more focused discovery element which included a qualitative 360, with selected referees, and an offsite ‘visioning’ session. The conclusions realised and objectives defined were then followed up through the critically important practical element of the programme.

Although focused on practical outcomes from the outset, the partner recognised that in challenging his preconceptions, the programme opened up new avenues. For example, he realised that he did not want to act as an NED in a stable state company but preferred to work with smaller more entrepreneurial companies in their growth phase.

Clearer in his defined goals, and more confident in his pursuit of them, the partner has been encouraged to exploit his own network and we have acted as his ‘conscience’, to make sure that he sees through on the conclusions reached.

“We have been very pleasantly surprised by how much further the programme goes than the traditional ‘six sessions of one on one coaching’. 

The programme has in no way acted as a distraction. The partner has continued to perform at the highest level and he delivered one of his strongest ever financial performances in the year during and following his involvement with Milestones.”

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