The Centre for Ageing Better’s August report,  Mid-life support: insights for employers, starts from the premise that not enough of us consider what we want our later lives to look like and how we are going to achieve this. 

We were particularly struck, reading the report, by two comments,

That there is a widespread lack of planning and preparation for the act of retiring even though we know that a high sense of control over this life transition results in better outcomes once in retirement


That [despite] new ideas being tested [that are] focused on money, work and health, and that are positively received . . . mid-life support should not neglect the psychological and emotional aspects of later life, particularly as major life transitions, such as retirement and bereavement, become more common as we get older

Our clients have found that starting the conversation early and planning ahead of time helps them gain control and enables them to define what they really want.  And the most forward thinking organisations are recognising that they need to provide their employees with more than financial planning when it comes to retirement.

We know that retirement is being redefined for many reasons. This is why we help individuals and businesses meet this challenge, supporting them to find new ways of working – as for many of them what is important is to extend their careers in flexible, stimulating, and challenging ways.

Setting aside time to invest in future plans when life is running at such a demanding and relentless pace seems a challenge in itself. Yet this could easily become a bigger challenge if left too late.  It is all too easy to underestimate the impact a major career transition can have on you and those closest to you, both in a personal and a professional context. 

If all this resonates with you, and you want to get to the heart of how to meet this challenge and define what retirement might mean for you and your business, call Jane Harris on 07973 488 539 or Spinny Witter on 07771 568 681.