We were very taken with What Companies Should Do About Their Surplus of Older Men by Michael Skapinker in the FT at the end of March. Behind their paywall, but well worth reading.

Writing about the gender pay gap, Skapinker particularly looks at “the puzzle of what to do about us older men.” For, as he notes, “many of us are living longer and, with 20 or more active years ahead, we have no wish to spend the rest of our lives gardening or pottering around the shops”.

And although he suggests things that employers can do, he goes on

. . . this should not be left just to employers. Older workers can take their own initiative. It is wrong to generalise about an entire generation. We all have our own skills, and ones we can pick up. Some have given up learning; most have not. We can all offer something different.

We know from our experience of working with this cohort that Skapinker is right – and we also know that gaining an objective view of your skill set (and its gaps), discovering self awareness, and equipping yourself to deal with the future is not always easy without some help. This is the help Milestones offers – working with you to develop your own career strategy, and guiding you as you build futureproof transferable skills and experiences.

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