You know what you are looking for. Someone who will help you make sense of what is or isn’t happening at work, who will share their insights with you, and help you see things in a different way. A mentor you can trust.

Or perhaps you’ve reached that stage in your career when you want to share your experience and knowledge. To help someone else with the challenges that you have faced, allow them to expand their thoughts, and guide them through the complexities. To be a mentor.

Whether you are looking for a mentor or would like to be one, the first question is often, “Where do I start?”

At Milestones we have the experience of and expertise in matching mentors and mentees. We will help you first think about what you need or what you can offer – and then we can help you find the right fit.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a mentor or are looking for one, or you would just like more information, please get in touch with Jane Harris on 07973 488 539 or email her on

In the meantime, our short guide What is Mentoring? is a good introduction.